Thursday, October 23, 2008

We are all Wonderwomen-

Growing up, I would sit on the kitchen counter and watch my mom, a wonderful home maker, humm  to her favorite songs on the radio and cook away for the whole day with a great big smile on her face.  I remember how she would be gather all four of us and making sure everyone in the house was taken care of.    Her day would start and end with one agenda-keeping us all happy, and happy she did keep us.  Back when I was a pigtailed girl, and now I still think she was wonderwoman.  I can see my mom, ammi, wearing a red and blue outfit standing on a hill with her flying cape in a soft breeze-looking impeccable. 
As I turned into a rebellious teenager I vowed I would never do this much work, I am going to be a professional woman.  Little did I know, I was preparing to shoot myself in the foot.  I have been married for two and a half years-wonderful wonderful years.  I work in a non profit, which basically means I work overtime and I am underpaid.  Being a female, I have this natural inclination and instinct of being a home maker.  As if those two alone weren't enough to qualify me as a wonder woman, I started my own business with my partner in life, my husband.  Did I mention that I volunteer in an organization for free as well?
One can just imagine how hectic life is.  My stay at home friends often look at me as if I am an alien.  How do you do it all?  Sometimes I do wonder, how do I do it all and still manage to take out time to have a social life and plan a romantic escapade with my husband?  Here is a little secret, I have some secret friends-Pillsbury dough boy who gives me those fresh dinner rolls, I have Betty Crocker who gives me those perfectly baked cakes, I have Aunt Jemimah who drops in on sundays for some pancakes and ofcourse when I have to throw together a BBQ, Oscar Mayers is always there to rescue.

My mom is a wonder woman and without realizing it I too have turned into one, I just have a few (super friends) as my entourage.


Tahir Jilani said...

You forgot to mention that behind every Wonderwoman is a "Wonderman". Your Dad and your Hubby for instance.

Saadia said...

What an interesting post. I would like to be where you are...sometime, anytime in the future. The hubby part is there; the entrepreneurship needs your help!